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Increase Your Sales Conversions With The 4 Step Close

Increase Your Sales Conversions With The 4 Step Close

The key to closing sales on your business is to use the 4 Step Close. This is a way of ethically selling your high ticket offer by truly presenting it as an opportunity and not getting into high-pressure sales tactics that are slimy and “salesy”.


The first step is understanding exactly what pain your lead is experiencing. Why are they on

the phone with you?

In this step, we are asking questions to get them to share the pain they are experiencing.

You may already know, but you want to hear it in their words.

You ask questions such as, “What is challenging? Why are we on the call today? Tell me

about your current situation?”


By this point you have should have established your authority in your niche so they are likely

to open up to you. In this step, we are asking questions to get them to open up about what

their vision is for their future.

In this step you ask questions such as, “Where is it that you want to be? What is it that you

want to achieve? Was does the future look like? ”


The third step is helping them understand what is in the way of where they are and where

they want to be. What’s keeping them from solving their problem?

In this step, you ask questions such as, “What do you feel is going to close the gap between

where you are and where you want to be?”

The key here is after they give you these answers, you repeat them back. You reiterate what

they told you about their pain, about their vision, and about the gap they see in front of


Then you hit them with this question: “How much longer are you willing to let these issues

go unresolved?”


Now you ask permission to show them how you can help them. You say something like, “Do

you want to see how I can help you today?”

Then, you explain how you can help them. You don’t need to go into too many details about

features or benefits. You’re simply telling them about the opportunity you have for them,

and how you can help them fill in their gap.

Then you ask for the commitment by saying, “If you want to do that, it costs X number of

dollars. Do you want to do that today?”

This is a pretty simple sales script. When you try a traditional sales script you may be lucky

with 15% conversions. But when you implement the 4 Step Close in conjunction with highly qualified prospects, it’s possible to close 50% or even higher..

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