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Webforce HQ Announcement: New Preferred Partner Integration with Braintree & Paypal

Webforce HQ Announcement: New Preferred Partner Integration with Braintree & Paypal

Austin TX, June 11, 2019 - We're very excited to announce that we are now a preferred partner with BrainTree and Paypal. So what does this mean for you?

As our commitment to providing premium online tools & digital services for companies ranging from startups to established businesses, to help scale online. Our CEO, Luis Madrid, expresses his excitement towards the new opportunities Webforce HQ has to offer its clients, 

“By becoming a preferred partner with BrainTree and Paypal, our customers can take advantage of the most secure payment gateways, best merchant account rates & terms we have to offer them, to help scale and grow their eCommerce business.” 

This new seamless payment gateway, and merchant account integration to our platform is an innovative payment technology, scalable for solutions and legendary white-glove support is backed by one of the world’s largest and most trusted Fintech brands.

Paypal - give you more flexibility and payment options, while you reach more buyers increase conversion rates. 

“Braintree - offers a really good and clean way to process payments and with the ability to use PayPal it gets exponentially more attractive. PayPal is one of the faster and secure ways to pay online, one of the big advantages is the security for the consumer to process a transaction over the web without sharing the credit card to the vendor”, describes our Webforce HQ CTO, Carlos Lizaola, whom head speared the development and implementation of this new integration. 

Becoming a preferred partner with Braintree and Paypal is only the first step towards reaching a higher audience. With this new implementation, we foresee helping more clients boost their revenue, and overall help online business grow. 

We will continue to listen to our clients needs and seek opportunities to help them grow through our platform. This is only the beginning of any preferred partnership relationship, seeking the best features and services for all our customers wanting to expand their business online. Webforce HQ, the force that moves your business forward. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Seeing extraordinary growth in our business"

Before switching to Webforce we tried BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other systems that didn't achieve what we needed. Webforce works great for digital & physical products, it integrates seamlessly with our shipping and fulfillment, & It's flexiblility in services along with awesome marketing tools are great for maximizing our online advertising campaigns. We are seeing extraordinary growth in our business and would recommend this to anybody looking to take their business to the next level!

Tony Moy

Sales Director - BrainJuice

"Recouped our investment in 2 weeks and 110K in the first full month of working with WebForce. 496% ROI! "

Instead of 6 months or more and spending tens of thousands trying to do this on our own, Luis Madrid, Johnson Li, and the rest of the Webforce team, helped us get everything set up and start seeing a profit in just a few weeks.

Joe Barton

Barton Publishing

"I'm glad we hired you guys to do it"

Ya'll keep doing what you doing. I'm not a marketing or tech person, but I'm glad we hired you guys to do it. Let's keep it coming!

Corey Calliet

Fitness Celebrity & Influencer

"Professional, friendly, technical expertise and trustworthy service."

The completed site has exceeded our expectations and is very easy to use with no barriers. I have already seen the generation of business directly driven by the website; which is a result of Luis' SEO strategies to place us on the front page of search engine results. I would not hesitate in recommending Luis and Webforce HQ for their professional, friendly, technical expertise and trustworthy service.

Christian Santi

Director of Sales

"Glad We Partnered With WebForce"

We've been working with Luis & WebForce for over 5 years and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their marketing, design and expertise has led us to great success. Using their CRM platform to power all our online funnels, e-commerce and lead generation simplified the process and made running my business much easier.

Tom Hegna

Author & Retirement Expert

"Miles Ahead of Konnektive & Limelight"

I've been in the industry for over 20 years and have had exposure to many CRM's along the way. The landing page builder, ecom store module, one click upsells and membership site features that are all built in, are miles ahead of konnective, limelight and other technologies I've seen. I really like the platform!

Jason Isgro

Digital Marketer // Developer

"Over 500k In Revenue in Less Than 6 Months"

We wanted to propel our brand Purelife Organics. With the help of WebForce, we deployed Sales Funnels, VSL's, a brand new E-Commerce store and with the help of their Outbound Sales Center, we achieved Over 500k In Revenue in Less Than 6 Months

Todd Lamb

Purelife Organics