Out-Bound Phones Sales Back-End Revenue Team

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Your Own Sales Team

Calling your leads is an excellent way to maximize your ad spend.

Maximize Sales

A dedicated sales team can consistently upsell and pitch new products.

Build Client Trust

Talking to a real person builds trust and increases lifetime value of your customers.

"Stop Selling. Start Helping."

- Zig Ziglar

Webforce HQ is a complete Done-For-You outbound phone sales team that utilizes proven and (in-house) tested phone-specific sales scripts that are tailored to maximize the back end sales of your specific offer and targeted audience.

DONE-FOR-YOU Outbound Sales Solution

Maximize Profits By Calling Every Lead Source

Customers, Prospects & Opt-In leads, Cart Abandons & Credit Card Declines

Our team of sales experts will carefully guide and help your clients or potential customers make the most comfortable buying decision based on their segmented lead type and goals. We'll personally coach each client or prospect in ways to speed up and further optimize their results by upgrading their current program with additional info products, supplements, bundles, auto-ship packages and even live one-on-one high ticket phone coaching.

Furthermore, since our calls are completely customized to your business culture and branding, you can feel fully confident that your customers will get the same great experience you've provided for them digitally.

Maximize Your Ad Spend

INSTANT ROI BOOST (Back-End To Ad Campaign Attribution)

Our outbound phone specialists are designed to upsell your current customers on an average of $190 AOV.f

Allowing you to 10x or 100x your current Ad campaign ROI or even recover your loss from poorly performing ads! In addition, we'll convert opt-in / cart abandon leads into customers ,which also directly boosts email revenue by creating more buyers to our email list.

We also strategically follow up with old dormant customers who have previosly bought from your offer and re-engage them with new products that could help extend their results. This is a hidden gold mine of hot leads that most marketers dismiss and segment off in their email list - since non-opens can hurt their email delivery reputation.

Maintain Your Customer Base

Recover Lost Sales and Leads

How much money are you losing because of credit card declines and cart abandonment?
Or maybe you're getting an amazing click-through rate, but for some reason, your carts not converting like you wish it would.

Heres the fastest fix, call them!

We've created special phone scripts designed to resolve declines within minutes to help your customers complete their original purchase, in addition, coach them on buying additional products that can further secure their goals.
Plus, we'll contact your abandon cart leads, go through a deep rapport building discovery, and help your potential customers identify the product they need, give them a set plan to achieve, and guide them through their first purchase over the phone.

Build Life-Long Relationships

Dedicated Customer Experience

When you work with Webforce HQ you get dedicated representatives who are passionate about you, your products & your business. Your customers will be blown away by the level of knowledge, expertise, and ownership that our representatives possess. In turn, this will lead to higher-order values, fewer refunds, and a stronger brand.

Make Your Brand Unbeatable

Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation is one of the most cherished parts of how we grow our own reputation. Not everyone is going to love your products, but studies have shown that people are 200% more likely to purchase your product if they see you responded to the negative reviews.

We have the sensitivity and grace to take these off your hands and convert them into a real opportunity for growth.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Seeing extraordinary growth in our business"

Before switching to Webforce we tried BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other systems that didn't achieve what we needed. Webforce works great for digital & physical products, it integrates seamlessly with our shipping and fulfillment, & It's flexiblility in services along with awesome marketing tools are great for maximizing our online advertising campaigns. We are seeing extraordinary growth in our business and would recommend this to anybody looking to take their business to the next level!

Tony Moy

Sales Director - BrainJuice

"Recouped our investment in 2 weeks and 110K in the first full month of working with WebForce. 496% ROI! "

Instead of 6 months or more and spending tens of thousands trying to do this on our own, Luis Madrid, Johnson Li, and the rest of the Webforce team, helped us get everything set up and start seeing a profit in just a few weeks.

Joe Barton

Barton Publishing

"I'm glad we hired you guys to do it"

Ya'll keep doing what you doing. I'm not a marketing or tech person, but I'm glad we hired you guys to do it. Let's keep it coming!

Corey Calliet

Fitness Celebrity & Influencer

"Professional, friendly, technical expertise and trustworthy service."

The completed site has exceeded our expectations and is very easy to use with no barriers. I have already seen the generation of business directly driven by the website; which is a result of Luis' SEO strategies to place us on the front page of search engine results. I would not hesitate in recommending Luis and Webforce HQ for their professional, friendly, technical expertise and trustworthy service.

Christian Santi

Director of Sales

"Glad We Partnered With WebForce"

We've been working with Luis & WebForce for over 5 years and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their marketing, design and expertise has led us to great success. Using their CRM platform to power all our online funnels, e-commerce and lead generation simplified the process and made running my business much easier.

Tom Hegna

Author & Retirement Expert

"Miles Ahead of Konnektive & Limelight"

I've been in the industry for over 20 years and have had exposure to many CRM's along the way. The landing page builder, ecom store module, one click upsells and membership site features that are all built in, are miles ahead of konnective, limelight and other technologies I've seen. I really like the platform!

Jason Isgro

Digital Marketer // Developer

"Over 500k In Revenue in Less Than 6 Months"

We wanted to propel our brand Purelife Organics. With the help of WebForce, we deployed Sales Funnels, VSL's, a brand new E-Commerce store and with the help of their Outbound Sales Center, we achieved Over 500k In Revenue in Less Than 6 Months

Todd Lamb

Purelife Organics

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